Product Use & Safety

All Mookabee™ products have been designed according to the AAP's Guidelines for Safe Sleep. Our products have been thoroughly tested by third party safety laboratories accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These safety firms were involved at multiple stages of our product's development, to ensure safety in both design and quality.
Safe Swaddling Practices and Warnings:
  • Always remember to keep your baby's crib bare, removing any blankets, toys and bumpers
  • Do not leave your baby unattended with any loose items, including the Mookabee Soothe-Swatch, Mookabee Stuffed Animal Head and Mookabee Full-Size Matching Stuffed Animal
  • To prevent the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy newborns be placed on their back. Babies may suffocate when placed to sleep on their stomachs
  • Never use the adjustable swaddles with an undersized baby around whom the wings cannot be snug
  • Never use swaddles for babies who can break free from the product
  • Baby should be lightly clothed for sleep and sleep at room temperature comfortable for lightly clothed adults (67°F to 72°F)
  • Never allow fabric to cover baby's nose or mouth
  • Never use the swaddles when baby can roll over from back to stomach
  • Never use the Mookabee Swaddle to swaddle baby with arms out
Always consult with your pediatrician and refer to the most up to date safety recommendations put forth by The American Academy of Pediatrics, such as how & when to safely swaddle your baby.