A Mookabee Bedtime Story

Hi. My name is Mookabee.
I’m sweet, I’m sleepy, and I’m very snuggly.
I love that I came home with you.
There’s a lot to see here, and so much to do.
But now it’s time for my favorite thing.
It’s not time to dance, and it’s not time to sing.
The very best time happens right about now.
When the moon starts to rise and the sun takes a bow.
You see, I love sleeping—I love it most of all.
I adore it all year, winter, spring, summer, fall.
There’s just nothing better than getting all cozy.
Bundled up warm, eyes heavy, cheeks rosy.
So get settled to doze, and drift off into dreams.
You look almost ready to do that, it seems.
Little one, the whole world will wake up with you.
But right now, we rest, and start tomorrow anew.


 Written by Rennie Dyball