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Our unique Scent-Technology comforts baby and promotes bonding.

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Absolutely Love

We absolutely love our Mookabee Swaddle.  We noticed that our baby is calmer and fusses less at bedtime.  We would like to be able purchase additional Soothe-Swatches so while she is wearing one, I’m wearing another.

Jennifer S. Rochester, New York

So Glad

My maternity leave was ending and I felt awful leaving my baby, especially when I hear she’s constantly crying when she’s put down for her nap.  With the Mookabee Swaddle it’s comforting to know she can smell me, and I feel like I’m leaving a piece of me with her when I can’t be there.

Rachael G. Hoboken, New Jersey


We were thrilled with how Mookabee soothed our son Cameron and helped him get to sleep faster. But our favorite part is how the Mookabee can grow with our son!  

Crystal R. Baltimore, Maryland


My wife and I were losing it!!! No one was sleeping and everyone was miserable.  We tried the Mookabee Swaddle and it was a lifesaver. Our daughter slept better and longer than ever before.  I highly recommend this product to any parent.

Mike S. Boston, Massachusetts

Sleeping Better

As a new mom I would try anything to help my baby sleep longer and better. We started putting a T-shirt of mine in with my son and it seemed to be the only thing that constantly worked but I was terrified of having anything loose in the crib. The Mookabee solved that worry and had everyone in our house sleeping better from the first night we used it!

-Brittany P. Midland Park, NJ

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Mookabee Cares

More than 800 women a day die from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth due to a lack of essential maternity care. That’s 303,000 maternal deaths every year. We believe we can all do our part.

10% of all Mookabee profits will be donated to Savings Mothers, a nonprofit dedicated to improving maternal health worldwide.