The Mookabee™ Swaddle with scent absorbing Soothe-Swatch™ is the first & only swaddle backed by medical professionals and recommended by sleep consultants, that safely incorporates a parent’s scent and grows with your child for many years to come. 

The Mookabee Swaddle allows baby to safely smell mom or dad – lowering cortisol levels which reduces stress and anxiety, helping to promote longer, sounder sleep.

The Mookabee gives parents peace of mind that they can soothe baby – even when they can’t be there.

The comfortable Mookabee Swaddle base is made with all-natural materials, has durable Velcro tabs to keep baby secure and warm, and a leg pouch that easily unzips for diaper changes while baby is sleeping.

The Mookabee Soothe-Swatch is made using a light, breathable material that traps mom or dad’s scent and is comfortable for both parent and baby.

The optional Mookabee stuffed animal head simply attaches to the Mookabee Soothe-Swatch, bringing comfort and confidence to children as they grow.

The big sibling Mookabee is the perfect accompaniment for older brother or sister. The full sized stuffed animal matches the Mookabee's stuffed animal head, so both baby & big sibling can experience the comfort and joy that Mookabee brings!