Frequently Asked Questions

Why is scent so important for sleep?

There is a tremendous amount of published research that proves the unique scent of a mom or dad lowers cortisol levels in a baby, calming them and helping them to fall asleep faster and sleep better.  Research also shows that the sense of smell is processed in the part of the brain that controls memory and there’s evidence these familiar scents strengthen the ties between baby and parent.

How does it work?

Simply unsnap the Soothe-Swatch from the base of the Mookabee Swaddle, fold it into thirds and place close to skin – ideally inside mom’s bra or dad’s shirt. Wear it for 7-9 hours before snapping it back into the swaddle base and wrap baby up as you normally would. Please refer to the Product Use & Safety page of our website for more information. 

How often should I wear the Soothe-Swatch?

We suggest re-wearing it for 7-9 hours every few days or as needed.

Has the Mookabee Swaddle been safety tested?

Yes, Mookabee has been tested by a certified third-party facility to meet or exceed all the children’s product safety rules and regulations. Please refer to the Product Use & Safety page of our website for more information. 

Does the Mookabee Swaddle come in different sizes and colors?

The Mookabee Swaddle is currently available in one-size fits most (0-3 months) with an optional stuffed animal head attachment. 

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How do I care for my Mookabee Swaddle?

The Mookabee Swaddle is made with your baby in mind. The materials used in producing The Mookabee were designed and tested to withstand multiple washes and everyday wear and tear. To protect the quality of The Mookabee Swaddle, we recommend closing all tabs and zippers before washing; machine wash cold, gentle cycle; do not bleach; do not iron; lay flat to dry.

What happens when baby outgrows the Swaddle?

No need to say goodbye to your beloved Mookabee Swaddle.  Easily transition it to a lovey by snapping the Soothe-Swatch into the Mookabee stuffed animal head. Your baby can continue to benefit from your soothing scent long after being swaddled. Take it with you when traveling, doctors’ appointments…even the first day of preschool! 

Where did the name Mookabee come from?

The name combines "Mukavuus" which means comfort in Finnish and "Bee" which symbolizes community and brightness - we all know it takes a village to raise children and having a child represents new beginnings and light.